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We have been entrusted with taking care of Fredericksburg pets for 10+ years as

in-home pet sitters and dog walkers. We have now expanded our services to include

visiting dogs so they can experience Fredericksburg like the local dogs do.

Your dogs fun and adventure filled day is our top priority.


Our Dog Day Adventure includes a variety of actives for all dogs big or small. Choose from a walk around town to a shopping trip to Dogologie or an all out adventure hike to one of Fredericksburg many parks.

All adventures include pick up and drop off of dogs. Pick one activity or a combination for the active dog.


A walk down Main St. in Fredericksburg is always a treat, especially for our four-legged friends.

There are so many sights and smells not to mention every dogs favorite spot,

Dogologie, Fredericksburg's one and only dog boutique!

This adventure is one hour and includes a walk down Main St. and a stop in Dogologie for a bakery treat.


If your dog enjoys searching for all the neighborhood hydrants and smelling new areas, Hydrants Hikes

is for them. We hike all over town scouting the best parks, trails, smells and of course hydrants.

This follow your nose adventure is up to 90 minutes depending on your dogs activity level

and includes a stop at Dogologie for a bakery treat.


Give your dog an allowance to get a toy or extra treats at Dogologie. Trips to Dogologie are included with the Sniff and Shop and Hydrants Hike Adventures, but you can add a stop to any adventure for $10.


Nature abounds at the 150 acre Lady Bird Municipal Park. Nature loving dogs will be tail wagging

excited hiking the Live Oak Creek Wilderness Trail that runs along side the rambling Live Oak Creek.

This adventure is 2-2.5 hours and includes a bakery dog treat.


At 700 acre LBJ State Park there is plenty of room for your dog to stretch its legs.

With nature trails to hike, the Perdernales River to swim in and

lots of open space to play fetch the LBJ State Park offers a lot for the active dog.

This adventure is 2.5-3 hours and includes a bakery dog treat.


Enchanted Rock hike is an extreme hike for only very active high energy dogs. This hike is not offered

during extreme weather; heat, rain, cold, ice, wind or snow. Pick up times for this adventure are

between 8 and 8:30am. Enchanted Rock is a site to behold even from the bottom, but this dome of

pink granite is 425 feet up and offers spectacular 360 degree views of the Texas Hill Country from the top.

This adventure is up to 4 hours and includes a bakery dog treat.


Life just gets better when you can stick your head out the window, so on A Dogs life Adventure

that's what we do! We drive out to Willow City Loop, drive real slow, put the windows down and

stick our heads out... well the dogs do anyway. We take in all the fresh Texas Hill Country air and the

scenic beauty of Willow City Loop, and if we're lucky the bluebonnets will be out.

This adventure is 1-1.5 hours and include a bakery dog treat.


We all know your not having fun unless your getting dirty! We will bring your pooch back sparkling clean after all the fun has been had! You can add The Dirty Dog service to any adventure for $20. This service will be done just be fore we bring you pooch back to you and will add 45 minutes to an hour to any adventure. If you have not booked an adventure but would like your dog bathed before your trip back home we will gladly do that as well. Dogs under 30 pounds are $25, dogs over 30 pounds are $35.
This is NOT a grooming service this is a wash and dry only!

We Require proof that your dog has a current Rabies Vaccine

**Advanced reservations are highly recommended**

Hill Country Hounds


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Lady Bird Park

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Enchanted Rock

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